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Electric Tandem for sale
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Excellent condition 2019 GEPIDA Thoris e-tandem purchased in 2020.

 $2,000.00  (negotiation is expected)

              This price includes car rack “Long Bike Tote,” that can be used with a standard 2” hitch 


Please contact me if interested-you and your partner can test drive it !      

* Bosch Performance Line powered mid-drive tandem featuring hydraulic disc brakes as well as a suspension fork in the front, giving much thought to both riders in design and function.

*Lightweight aluminum alloy frame,  easy maneuvering for a tandem, many features that offer great stability and control- very desirable in a tandem bike

 *Awesome Shimano Deore system with hydraulic brakes and includes a 3rd rim brake controlled by the Stoker, optional dual battery setup means going the  distance   

*28" wheels

For a more detailed description   :

Info about rack :

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