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Greater Arizona Bicycling Association
Where cycling is more than just riding a bike
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GABA Board Composition

The GABA Board is comprised of both Officers and Directors duly elected by GABA members. Our bylaws require 4 Officers and between 9 and 30 directors. Officers and directors serve a two year term. The four Officer positions are:

President - presides over the monthly membership and board meetings, sets the agenda for the board meetings and provides overall club leadership.

Vice President - fills in for the president when necessary and helps identify speakers for the monthly membership meetings.

Secretary - records the minutes of the monthly board meetings.

Treasurer - is responsible for the tracking club income and expenditures.

There are currently 10 director positions:
Advocacy - is responsible for advocating safe cycling for GABA by being a member of or attending various meetings such as the Tucson/Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee, Cycling Advocates of Southern Arizona, Loop Advisory Committee and other public meetings.

Bike Repair - responsible for coordinating various bike repair events.

Day Rides - responsible for training day ride leaders and monitoring the day ride program.

Membership - responsible for maintaining GABA's membership database.

Paceline Editor - responsible for publishing GABA's monthly electronic newsletter.

Shed Master - responsible for maintaining GABA's shed filled with equipment and supplies for GABA Supported Rides and other GABA events.

Sponsors - responsible for soliciting and retaining GABA sponsors

Supported Rides - responsible for developing and organizing GABA centuries and overnight rides and training volunteers to support the events.

Swap Meet - responsible for planning and conducting GABA's bi-annual swap meet.

Volunteer - responsible for recruiting volunteers to support GABA events.

Web Master - maintains the GABA website.