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Greater Arizona Bicycling Association
Where cycling is more than just riding a bike
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GABA Depends On Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

What was your first epic ride? The first time you rode without training wheels? The first time you rode so far from home you couldn’t see your house? The first time you rode 10, 25, 50, 100 miles? The first time you crashed but got up and got back on your bike?

Epic is personal. Epic evolves with age and with life circumstance. 

No matter what your cycling epic has been or if you are now preparing for your next epic, none of us achieved our epic alone. There were volunteers encouraging you, offering you food and water, helping you with a roadside mechanical, giving you a lift when either you or your beloved bike could go no further, and listening to you tell your story.

For almost 40 years GABA has provided thousands of riders the opportunity to ride their epic. Did you know that every century ride GABA hosts requires, on the average, 22 volunteers? Even GABA’s supported events like the Bike Swaps, Zoo Ride, Toy Ride, and Ride of Silence require 10-15 volunteers.

GABA’s Board members stand ready to support the Volunteers who step up to make GABA’s Supported Rides and Events possible. Without Volunteers these events cannot happen. 

Pause to remember those who were there for you for your epic ride. 

Consider signing up to Volunteer for at least one GABA event each year you are in Tucson. You need not be a member of GABA to Volunteer, you don’t even need to be a rider to Volunteer. Your decision to Volunteer offers a rider to experience their epic ride.

Click Volunteer Opportunities for a current list of opportunities to help GABA provide cyclists safe and fun opportunities.

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