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Greater Arizona Bicycling Association
Where cycling is more than just riding a bike
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Volunteering at the Greater Arizona Bicycle Association:

Volunteers are the backbone of any organization. GABA volunteers may support a GABA Day, Century or Overnight bicycle ride, an event such as the bi-annual GABA Swap Meet, a GABA tabling event such as the Loop de Loop, or the El Tour pick up packets, the Ride of Silence, the Toy or Zoo Ride, or even help at the annual Holiday Meal. Whatever the case, many people just like you, can help make the difference between success and less than desirable.

Those who volunteer on GABA rides typically do so because they feel the need to ‘give back’ after being on the receiving end of such support over the years. Another reason might be that the volunteer has a friend or family member who is participating, and they want to not only provide support to that person but to all other riders as well. Whatever the case, most volunteers report that the experience was fun and rewarding.

Tabling events and special rides are a way to make a special statement. I support Ride of Silence, for instance, and the honor that we pay to those in our immediate area who have been seriously injured or killed, while riding a bicycle. Or I support using the Loop for recreational activity and a healthy lifestyle activity…the list goes on and on.

GABA Credits, which are compensation for volunteering, are electronically applied to current GABA members accounts. GABA credits, which are tracked electronically, will automatically apply as a ride fee payment, membership fee dues, before other charges are assessed. These credits never expire while your membership remains active. Credits for non-members can be used to open a GABA membership for those who wish to become GABA members through a volunteer activity.

Most rides and events are only one day activities, some even just a few hours, making it fairly easy to fit into ones daily schedules. To learn about how you can volunteer, contact the GABA Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Reed., or go to the Volunteer Opportunities tab on the GABA Website for more information.